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Senior Standout: Great Falls High's Miggy San Pedro

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"There was a point where I didn't want to play because I had so much going on in my life," said Bison senior tennis player Miggy San Pedro.

The ascension to the number one boys singles player on the Great Falls High tennis team hasn't been easy for Miggy San Pedro. After growing up in the Philippines playing volleyball, Miggy moved to the states. But without a boys volleyball team at school, he needed an activity to do in the spring.

"My mom said 'maybe you should play tennis' and my dad was in for that too."

Once Miggy's family pushed him to pick up a racket his freshman year, everything in his life fell into place.

"I am very, very happy it happened," Miggy said.

But last month, something more than a culture shock changed Miggy's world. 

"I've been in and out of high school wise to take care of my dad," he said.

His father passed away.

"He was diagnosed with mesothelioma which is a rare type of cancer," Miggy said. "I was in Idaho for my choir tour when I found out. Obviously I cried like any child would do if their parent dies but life goes on."

Less than a week after his father passed, Miggy was back on the court.

"He's at practice every day and he's more focused and taking it in stride and using it as a coping mechanism," said friend and hitting partner Mackenzie George.

"I think he realized that's what dad would want him to do is keep on keeping on," said Bison coach Jan Dodds.

Miggy's father's death helped the already terrific Bison tennis player add another element to his game: desire.

"I have things I want to achieve now because I have a purpose of why I want to achieve it. My motivation to play my heart out and play my best because it's for him and be my best for him," Miggy added.

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