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CMR Defeats Great Falls High in Crosstown Matchup

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Both C.M Russell and Great Falls High had to show they had some patience because this Crosstown matchup took nine innings to decide a winner and the Rustlers came out on top.

Bison junior Erin Hocker and Rustlers senior Tristin Achenbach were getting strikeouts, and if there was a hit, both team's defense helped to shut down any runs too.

"They were both great pitchers. I told the coaches about the second inning, it's going to come down to a home run who's going to win this ball game," said head coach Mike Coleman.

That premonition became a reality - in the top of the ninth - Sophomore Madison Moore stepped up to the plate, Erin Hocker dealt her pitch, and that ball was gone for that home run. Rustlers win 1-0 

"It was honestly amazing. I knew that our team was going to do it and yea it led down to one stick but I knew that we all just had to stay normal and get the hits down and Tristin also finished us and it was great," said sophomore Madison Moore.

"It took nine innings to do it and it kind of proves what kind of game it was. It was long it was honestly great ball game on both sides," said Tristin Achenbach.

"It was a classic pitcher's dual and it sucks when it comes down to that one pitch and it did and thankfully we were on the winning stick of it," said head coach Lindsey Gustafson.

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