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Senior Standout: Helena High's Terra Gilchrist

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"When she's in the circle, we know what we're going to get," said Bengals head coach Ryan Schulte.

Ever since her freshman year, Helena High's Terra Gilchrist has been the starter the Bengals lean on every game. 

"Her consistency, her calmness, her unwavering positivity has been a focal point for our program for the last four years," Schulte said.

Terra will be the first to admit she isn't the team's vocal leader. But her work ethic and success on the diamond grabs her teammates' attention. 

"They know that she puts the time in, and they respect her a lot for that," Schulte said.

"Every game I try to tell myself that I got this. Just keep us going," Terra added.

One component of Terra's game that helps the Bengals go is her ability to stay calm and always make the big pitch when her team needs it the most.

"I definitely just worked on my mental toughness and being able to hit all the spots I needed," Gilchrist said.

Although her arm is her biggest weapon, she's no slouch in the other areas of the game, too.

"She fields her position as well as anybody does. She does a great job at the plate. She's gotten some big hits for us," Schulte said.

Terra's well rounded game earned her the nickname 'softball' from her teammates. Whether it's with her bat, her glove, or her arm, it'll be up to 'softball' to carry herself and her teammates as far into postseason play as they can go.

"She's a good competitor. They know that when she's in the circle we have a shot against just about anybody," Schulte added.

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