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Box Elder High School Adds New Golf Program

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"Well the idea was initially to get kids involved other than basketball and football," said golf coach Neal Rosette Jr.

Now, Box Elder high school is involved with playing golf for the first time.

"Just another outlet for these young kids to come out and enjoy this beautiful sport. We finished off with four girls, three boys," said Rosette Jr.

Two out of those seven golfers are senior Dusty Weiss and junior Tallen Oats.

"It's my first year of golf," said senior golfer Dusty Weiss.

"Yea this is actually my first time ever picking up a golf club," said junior golfer Tallen Oats.

As beginners, Dusty and Tallen have learned it requires to have, "Patience, it takes a lot of patience. I've kind of learned that it's not always about how fast you go, it's about where it goes and how you get it there," said Oats.

"There are a lot of times where I try to speed up my back swing and it usually doesn't work well. My coach is always trying to tell me to slow down and actually try and hit the ball and make great contact with the ball. That's one skill I'm learning right now is patience," said Weiss.

Plus, Bears golf coach Neal Rosette Jr. had to teach his team the rules of the game.
"With golf, there's a lot of etiquette involved. If there's one thing that we stress is the etiquette. Don't step on an individual's line. Learn how to tally up your points, the simple things," said Neal Rosette Jr.

"I think it's fun and making contact with the ball and watching it fly that thing and when you get to the green and you just watching it go into the hole, it's really cool. It's just something that keeps bringing me back to it," said Weiss.

Next Spring, Tallen says she'll be back.

"My goal is to just have fun and get as far as I can," said Oats

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