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Dunn Family Reacts: "Our heavy hearts won't let up for awhile"

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"My heart is extremely heavy."

The first words out of Robynn Dunn-Bracke's mouth, as she reflects on Tuesday's killing of Sheriff's Deputy Mason Moore, less than three years after her late husband, Joseph Dunn, was killed in the line of duty in Cascade County. 

"From the minute I heard about it until I'm talking to you now, I've been crying and just feeling the weight that this family is experiencing and just wishing I was there comforting them, and knowing there are really no words and nothing that can take away the pain."

Today, Robynn is living in Bozeman with her family, a new addition to her last name... but the sting of Joe's death never quite left. 

"Going from Mother's Day, which was bittersweet, to National Police Week, to this morning's news... it's really just an eye-opener of the days that we live in," says Dunn-Bracke. "I was hoping Joe would be the last one in Montana for decades, and it just happened so soon. And to happen during National Police Week just tells me it's not lessening, it's not avoidable, and it's not getting better."

Tuesday's news is now forcing Robynn and her kids to relive one of the worst days of their lives.
"I just think about the injustice of somebody that was just trying to do a good thing, trying to keep our community safe. And to think he's killed for it... it just stirs up so much emotion. There's anger, there's injustice, there's just so much sadness for someone who just lost a wonderful, wonderful person in their life."

Even acts of solidarity and honor are put into sharp contrast as another police slaying occurs. And now, new fears... as Robynn and Joe's son, Joey, plans to pursue a career in law enforcement. 

"There's two reasons: one, more and more are being killed. And secondly, officers are being watched so closely, I'm not even sure in 15 years my son would have the confidence to defend his own life. I think he'd be more scrutiznized than supported, and that worries me."

And when asked the question of what she would say to Mason Moore's family, this response: 

"You would think I had the magic words after having been through it. But there are no words. There's no words. I would just cry with them."

Robynn and her family, now accepting the harsh reality that comes with serving your community. 

"Grief and feeling very sobered, as I looked at one of the pictures on the news and it just brought back so much raw emotion...then somehow, as the days go on, you do see good and you do experience a massive amount of love and compassion from humanity. And you realize there are more good people than bad." 

But families of the officers in blue only becoming closer with every new tragedy. 

"I want the family of the fallen officer to know very much how much we already love them, and that our heavy hearts won't let up for awhile. We'll be continually thinking of them, praying for them, and ready at the drop of a hat to be there, however we can."

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