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Protecting you and your pets this tick season

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Tick season is upon us, and of course we want to protect ourselves along with our furry best friends. 
One veterinarian at best friends animal hospital says while they are concerned during this season, Montana doesn't have too much to worry about.
Doctor Michael Norton says that here in Montana, we don't have the type of ticks that carry dieases like Lyme or the Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, Both which are deadly for animals and humans. 
He says the biggest issues that he has encountered over the years is tick paralysis which can ultimately cause  respiratory failure for your pet.
The key is keeping your pets out of high grass areas and trees where ticks like to hide. and any product with sarolaner in it, usually gives the best results when it comes to killing ticks because it enters the blood stream of your pet a lot quicker than other medicines.
He also says for every outdoor activity that you and your pet participate in, be sure to check them and yourself thoroughly for any ticks or any other unwanted guests.

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