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Senior Standout: Helena High's Zander Mozer

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"Once you start you have to turn those turbo muscles on and let them loose," said Helena High senior track athlete Zander Mozer.
Blink and you might miss him.

"He's a freak. He has a different kind of motor," said Helena High senior track athlete Keair Adgerson. "He's our best sprinter and our best competitor. He's always out here working hard so he's just fun to watch and look up to." 

Helena High runner Zander Mozer is one of the fastest kids in the state.

"His PR's have gone up so much this year," Adgerson added.

So much in fact, that Mozer qualified for five events at this year's State Class AA Track & Field meet.

"He believes when he's in the blocks that he can beat anybody and he won't let his teammates down in the relay," said Helena High track & field coach Tony Arntson.

"I've gotten stronger both mentally and physically. I think my legs are a lot stronger," Mozer added.

Zander is also more dialed in away from the track. He even changed some habits to help him perform.

Mozer said "I've taken eating more seriously and treating my body right. No more pop and junk food during the season."

Another element of Zander's success that can't be overlooked is the support he gets from his friends. A group he calls "the hype squad."

"Before every race I always tell them how nervous I am," Zander said. "They always tell me to relax and stay cool. We're always dancing and just trying to take the ease off of everything."

"We're all competitive and we all like to have fun so we just combine the two," said Adgerson.

As long as Zander has that perfect balance, there's no catching him.

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