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Senior Standout: Great Falls High's Morgan Evans

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After winning three events at the state meet, Morgan Evans has proved just how talented she really is - which was her main goal all along.

"When I was little, I think I was maybe in the third grade, I told my dad I was fast and he didn't believe me so he signed me up for Hershey's track and now here I am today so obviously I proved something to him," she explained.

During her career at Great Falls High, Morgan's taken home five state titles, but it's also taught her how to get stronger and faster.

"It's kinda sad because it's brought me so many good memories," she reflects. "But it's been a fun journey."

And the program will definitely have some holes to fill.

"She's a natural athlete, and she's a natural hard worker," said sprinting coach Scott Donisthorpe. "Just easy to coach. It all comes from her working so hard. That's the biggest attribute she has for our program and kids look up to her."

Now, everyone in the Treasure State will still have a chance to watch Morgan shine. She's taking her speed with her to Montana State.

"Each meet, she should hopefully get better down in Bozeman and represent Great Falls High and herself. She's a hard worker and I can't wait for her to excel at the next level and I'll go and watch her," said Coach Donisthorpe.

From the elementary track meet all the way up until her senior year state track meet, Morgan has always wowed the crowds, and that doesn't look like it will stop anytime soon.

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