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High School Senior project blasted on social media

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Graduations happen all over the country during the month of June and for many students they have to means finish up projects. 

For one Great Falls High student her project garnered controversial attention.

This is an English project for college credit and for almost eight years high school seniors have been putting together different displays. The book is called "The White Man's Bible" by Ben Klasson.

The focus of the project is to take something filled with hate and turn it into something positive. The book is only printed upon request. 

This project is nearly 10 years old which is why  AP English Teacher Christine Baroch is surprised by the negative reactions her students are facing this year.
"They are being belittled because of their age," said Baroch.

She said the project is inspired from a 2010 art exhibit held at the Holter Museum of Art called "Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate".  She said the project helps her students grow more and more every year in their creative approaches. 

"They are caring and intelligent and they have a voice and they want change in our society," said Baroch.  

Kendall Seibel is one of many students assigned this project but hers was recently blasted on social media.  

"I knew I was walking on thin ice going into this project and doing the project the way I did but I'm glad I did it
I'm just confused I don't; know why people are making such a huge deal out of it because I wasn't the only person who use quotes such as love trumps hate and I wasn;t the only person who took a slightly more political stance," said Seibel.

Kye Burchard also completed the project. He said this is a miscommunication between the public, the school and the students.
"A lot of responses coming from Kendall's project have been not necessarily misled but people have not fully understood not only the project but the situation at the school in addition to that," said Burchard. 

Burchard and other students said if people have questions they should call the school before jumping all over social media. 

She said she has learned that standing up for your beliefs won't please everyone. But  the number of her supporters is growing. 

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