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Great Falls residents want backyard chickens

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For some they are just barn yard birds. 
To others, they are called therapy chickens or maybe even a nuisance whatever you want to call them, residents seem to want these backyard friends inside city limits 

however, it hasn't been an easy road to get this chicken ordinance passed.
Bob Jones, city commissioner, says he does not support this at all. i spoke with him on the phone today and he says there are just to many risks involved with have chickens in the city. for starters

He says if the ordinance passes and people are not taking care of the animals like they should then the city would be responsible for the animals, which he says they Simply do not have the funds, man power or storage to support this. but Aaron Pursell, chicken enthusiast, says there is an answer for every issue.

Pursell says the community only wants one thing from the commission.

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