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All in the Family - Klinkers' Rise to the Division-1 Level

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A 120-game winning streak.

Five state championships.

3 Division-1 scholarships.

As far as legacies go, you'd be hard pressed to find a group of sisters who have made a bigger impact on a community than Molly, Lizzy, and Natalie Klinker have made on Fairfield.

"They were always such good leaders by example," said Eagles head coach Dustin Gordon.

But before the sisters could make an impact at Fairfield High School, we need to start 10 miles east. Here. At Greenfield School.

"we'd go up there, Sunday nights, after school, and just play, play ball," said University of Montana Western post Molly Klinker.

Ever since the Klinker sisters could pick up a ball, they practiced here in Greenfield with their trainer, who also happens to be their dad.

"It's labor of love anyway, you're just doing something with your kids," Marty Klinker said.

"He would always help us fix our shot," Idaho commit Natalie Klinker added.

The girls played against each other and their dad for years, making each other better along the way. At times, the games were so competitive

"Sometimes one person would walk home a mile and a half from Greenfield if things did not go well, with tears," said Molly.

As the girls got older, basketball intensified.

"Their family, their mom, their dad were willing to haul them all over the universe," Gordon said. "At Fairfield we start our thing in June but they continued their basketball progress all year round. They actively went out and pursued the opportunity to play Division 1," said Gordon.

To accomplish that dream, the girls' training and competitive juices intensified, too. And they used each other to do just that.

"Liz was a freshman and I was a senior and she would always work the hardest. And I always wanted to be faster than her. So that's something that I competed with every day," Molly said.

"Nat is more determined to get in the gym every day so she pushed me to do that," Lizzy added.
"There was no conditioning drill, no defensive, tough drill that they were ever going to lose. Ever," Gordon said.

That dream to play Division 1 ultimately became a reality for all three of the girls. Molly, the oldest, signed to play at Montana: a move that set a precedent for the two younger girls.

"When Molly went to college and D1, I said 'I have to follow in her footsteps,'" said Lizzy.

Then came Lizzy's turn to sign with Utah State.

"As soon as Liz left, Nat's dominance started to show," Marty said.

And this year, the youngest, Natalie, signed to play next season at Idaho.

"I was so proud. I was sad I couldn't be at her signing day but I was really happy for her," said Lizzy.

Although the girls achieved their dreams of making it to the Division-1 level

"It's no surprise they've had the success they've had," Gordon said.

All three girls say their hard work won't stop any time soon.

Molly last played at Montana Western, Lizzy will be a junior at Utah State, and Natalie will head to Idaho for her first season as a Vandal this August.

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