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Voyagers Add Unique Food Option to Menu

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The Great Falls Voyagers baseball team has always had some great food options at the ballpark: hot dogs, hamburgers, all that other stuff, but this year they released a couple of new food options, so I'm heading over to the concession stand to see what's cooking this season.

I'm joined by Voyagers general manager Scott Reasoner and Scott, I heard you guys have some new food options this season.

Absolutely, we try to come up with new and exciting options every summer, and this year is no different. One of our food items that people are going to love and absolutely have to try is a Mac Attack hot dog.

Take me through this bad boy, what's the process?

Absolutely, you're going to take your hot dog here, it's on a grill, every hot dog here at Centene Stadium touches the grill. So you take your fresh, all beef hot dog and you got a nice bun right there so you're good to go. Then you come over here and you got your mac and cheese all made up. There's hot dogs already in there, so we're doing hot dogs on top of a hot dog. You're going to put that right on the dog there so you're all ready to go. Then you go over here and last but not least you're going to get a couple pieces of Bacon. Dailey's Montana Made bacon right here in Missoula. We get it shipped here and Great Falls and make it fresh every day.

How does this thing taste Scott, you want to give it a try?

You're going to have to go for it. I'll hold the mic for you man. I'll take that right out of your hand. You can dig right in.

So Scott this hot dog is pretty good, I'm still chewing on it right now, whose idea was it to come up with this hot dog?

We come up with all the recipes here in house. Everything we have here is either made in Montana or made fresh right here at the stadium.

The Voyagers, they will be here all summer, so you have to check out these new food items.

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