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UGF Basketball Camp as Popular as Ever

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The University of Great Falls basketball camp went on all week at Great Falls Central Catholic.

The camp used to be at the McLaughlin Center but the facility is not open right now so kids took advantage of some sprinklers, and the outdoor courts at GFCC.

Even though it is a smaller venue the participation numbers are just as high as it's been in year's past.

Throughout the week both the men's and women's basketball teams from UGF have been teaching kids the fundamentals of the game including ball handling and footwork from a number of the programs' best coaches and players. 

"We show them attention out here," said men's basketball coach Anthony Owens. "It's not just 'hey, pay your money then go about your business,' we actually try to make it like this right here, creative, something that's going to be fun, something that's going to be different, and so that right there keeps them coming back."

Coach Owens says this year's camp includes 118 kids ranging from first grade through sixth grade. Many of the participants are returning campers from the clinics UGF has put on in past years. Senior guard Stephanie McDonagh says it's fun teaching kids she sees on a regular basis.

"it's nice that they recognize our faces," she said. "I have girls who come up to me and say 'hey, I came to five games last season,' and I'm like 'oh awesome, I can't wait for you to come again.' It's a lot of fun being around them and in the community."

The camp also gives kids a great opportunity to stay in shape, learn from some of the athletes they look up to, and have some fun outside.

"it's great to see them out and active because there's nothing better than exercise," said UGF graduate Isaac Howard. "Playing basketball and exercising, there's nothing better so it's good to see them out here."

This is the first year the camp has been at GFCC. The McLaughlin Center is having new hardwood floors put in and the court will be ready by the time volleyball starts in the fall.

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