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Bozeman's Morgan Hostetler Turns Heads Year Round

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From the gridiron, to the hardwood, to the baseball diamond, Bozeman's Morgan Hostetler has had quite the senior season.

"This year's been great. I've just been loving playing all of the sports with all of my friends," Hostetler said. "We just had a great time, and we did well this year, so that adds to it."

Hostetler and his teams have found a ton of success this year. He played on both the offensive and defensive lines for the 8-3 Bozeman High football team. He also played a key roll off the bench for the state runner up Hawk basketball team. And now, he and the Bucks are off to a great start to the Legion baseball season.

"I think it makes it more special, because it's the last year I"ll ever be playing football and basketball," Hostetler said. "I want to play baseball in college, so that does make it extra special for those two sports."

Hostetler is looking to follow in his brother's footsteps and play college baseball and he is already hearing from a few schools.After seeing sporadic success as a rotation player last season, Hostetler has seen his hitting flourish this season, which he credits to a new and improved attitude.

"I think it's just that I'm more relaxed at the plate. Last year when I would get out, I would get angry and I would get in my head," Hostetler said. "This year, I know I'm going to get out, so I'm just going to deal with it and move on and get to the next at bat."

Hostetler has added another aspect to his game this year as well, leadership.

"Don't be mistaken, he's a jokester and he's very well respected in the clubhouse," said head coach Rich Poliquin.

And with a breakout year and the chance to chase his dream of playing college ball, Hostetler says the message is clear.

"It just shows that if you work hard in anything that you do, you can become successful," Hostetler said.

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