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Keith Sell Tournament Gives Scouting Opportunity Ahead of State Tournament

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Sunday, the Helena Senators took seventh and the Bozeman Bucks took second place in the 22nd annual Keith Sell baseball tournament in Helena. Both Legion AA baseball programs say the tournament gives an opportunity to scout potential opponents and mentally prepare for the state tournament in Bozeman in late July.

"Well you get familiar. You get familiar with what they do well, what they don't do well, what hitter's strengths are, what pitcher's strengths are. So you have a more thorough, more thoughtful plan," said Senators manager Dave Thennis.

"In terms of pitching, having information on what guys do in certain counts. Guys that like to bunt. It's just huge to know or have an idea of what's gonna happen because we've played them before," said Senators catcher and pitcher Jackson Maynard.

"What we're really liking right now is with some of the games being competitive and having to scratch out some tight games, I think that really helps us for the end of the season," said Bucks manager Rich Poliquin. 

"Just overall in the whole tournament it just will teach us how to win games in tournaments, important games, and set us up for championships and whatnot," said Bucks infielder Alex Ekstrom. 

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