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Carlsons Dedicate Summers to the Voyagers

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Many sports fans claim they've been "fans since birth", but Stefanie Carlson has been coming to Centene Stadium:

"Since I was two weeks old and I'll be twenty in August," she explained.

"The doctor said, 'well you can take her if you want to, but I probably wouldn't recommend it because she's pretty fragile.' So we just said, 'oh what the heck let's just go do it anyways," her dad, Scott Carlson remembered.

Every summer since 1997, Stefanie looks forward to meeting the new players on the Voyagers and cheering them on.

"I just enjoy seeing them hit homeruns and getting the win especially," she said.

She even takes her loyalty on the road.

"It's been really fun traveling to Billings and Helena and Missoula," she said. "We've been to all of them except for the Southern ones."

The games have been more than just a fun summer activity for Stefanie - they've shaped her into the person she is today.
"She was a shy kid in elementary school, so it's really opened her up a lot," Scott explained. "She's a whole go getter - she wants to be out here and just mingle with everybody."

With her family by her side, they don't plan to stop their tradition any time soon.

"I'm gonna come out here til I'm 100 or whatever it takes. Stefanie will bring her kids out here," Scott said. "We just come out here and have a blast every summer."

From coming as a newborn all the way up until adulthood - Stefanie has proven her die-hard dedication to the Voyagers.

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