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Voyagers Server is the Real Face of the Franchise

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"I'm a happy customer." "Good!"

Great Falls Voyagers fans who sit in sections six through eight typically are.

"There you go, hun."

That's because Jill Trovatten takes care of them.

"So I got the Grand Slam Burger, do you want onions too?"

And she's been doing so for more than a decade.

"I have great people so they keep coming back, I keep coming back, it's my job to give them the best experience they can have at the ballpark," server Jill Trovatten said.

Over the years Jill turned a ballgame atmosphere into a family get-together.

"She often times remembers your order," said Voyagers fan Hannah Pierce. 

"When Bob walks in the door I know he wants his Belgian white and Anne usually wants her half and half and by the 4th inning I know it's time to go 
get Bob his next one," Jill added.
"She takes time to remember those details that just make it a lot more personal of an experience than just coming to a baseball game, sitting in a seat, and getting treated like a number," continued Pierce.

Jill's customers also see her as more than a vendor.

"I had this lady and her husband come in and they tapped me on the shoulder and she said 'Jill, I just want you to know that when we saw you pull up tonight and get out I told 
my husband 'now baseball can officially begin. Here's the face of the ball park'", she said.

"I will be right back"

"She's so friendly and helpful to everybody, she runs and gets everything she can," said Voyagers fan Gina Van Heel.

Jill's contribution doesn't go unnoticed by the front office either.

"There's a reason she's our team leader there and has been here years and years," said general manager Scott Reasoner. "If you ever want to know what it's like to fan service 
or customer service or how to treat everyone at the ballpark, watch Jill for a couple of seconds because she epitomizes customer service every single night."

"I try to let everyone know we're one happy family out here," Jill added.

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