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Staying safe when backpacking and camping

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It's camping and backing packing season in Montana and the US Forest Service in Red Lodge says many people are making common mistakes.     

Madeleine Kornfield, Wilderness Ranger for the Forest Service in Red Lodge, says one effective way you can keep yourself safe when backpacking or camping is to use an effective bear food hang.  She says the "bear hang" needs to be at least 10 feet off the ground.  

She says you can also hang food from a cliff or a builder but adds, if you can't use a bear hang then keep your food in a bear-proof container.

"Anything that remotely smells or looks like food needs to be stored so that bears and other animals can't get into it, and that means using a bear-proof container."

Kornfield says the bear proof container will keep the bear from seeing food and eating it.

Kornfield says another thing you can do to keep yourself and the wilderness safe when backpacking or hiking is to either carry a trowel to dig or a hole for human waste or a bag to throw it away.  Kornfield says if the waste is left out and gets to another person by way of a river or rain they could get sick.

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