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The Technique of Bow Hunting

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The Great Falls Archery Club held their last big event of the year over the weekend at the annual Kings Hill Shoot southwest of Neihart.

Club secretary Scott Powers said there's a lot of pieces that go into a successful shot.

He said the archer first picks their preferred bow: a long bow, recurve, or compound bow.

From there it's all about balance, a steady hand, breathing, and finding a release point.

Powers also said being able to replicate the same technique over and over again is key for consistency.

"You got to have everything in the right spot," he said. "A lot of people touch string to noses and there's different places on your face where you can put strings. Long bows and recurves they do different things with their fingers. Most compound shooters use releases. It's just muscle memory. You got to practice a lot."

Powers added safety is the number one rule when it comes to archery.

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