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Bison Players Get a Chance to Coach

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The Great Falls High football team is holding a camp the next couple of days for middle school athletes.

Aside from teaching campers skills such as route running and proper tackling technique, the Bison players get the chance to coach.

Great Falls High Bison Head Coach Mark Samson said that gives his players a unique experience and one that could open some doors down the road.

"I hope it kind of teaches them a little bit is that maybe this is something they'd like to do some day," Samson said. "I still think coaching is one of the best things you can do. We don't get paid a whole lot for it but it's one of the greatest things in the world."

The team is also excited about the opportunity to play on Memorial Stadium's new turf.

Great Falls High has to wait until the second week of the season to take the field. Samson says the venue was already the best in the state, and the upgrades just make it that much more special.

"I think any time there's change in high school athletics and change that can get some excitement going, I really do think that lifts up the spirits of kids," Samson said. "we've been standing around twiddling our thumbs waiting for the stuff to go down but it will be good (for the players) and it'll be great for (the Great Falls Community) and obviously the two high schools (that use the facility)."

The first time the Bison will play a game on their new home turf will be September 1 against Billings Skyview.

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