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Lewistown Family Bonds Over Drag Racing

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At the Lewistown Raceway, wheels are spinning, and there's burnt rubber smoke in the air. It's those signs of drag racing that thrills the Olson family.

"I've been racing pretty constantly for the last 40-41 years," said Bob Olson.

Bob Olson even revved up his car enough that his family decided to drag race too.

"I've been coming out to the track since I was little. I started racing when I was fifteen when I got a driver's license. In 2004, I took a break from actually racing and been working in the track management," said Kevin Olson.

The Olson last name even accelerates through Kevin's son. 

"When I started I was seven and I couldn't really race anyone so I only starting racing when I was eight," said Kason Olson.

Kason, a junior drag racer, has to hold tight to the handles inside his car when racing.

"Right as you launch and your head just shoots back and you kind of have to look down to make sure you are going straight. My favorite thing is I'm thirteen years old and I get to go eighty miles an hour in the eight mile," said Kason Olson. 

"It's just one of those feelings that never goes away. You just kind of live for it. That adrenaline rush," said Kevin Olson.

But why do the Olsons drive? 

"(For) fun. (It) doesn't matter if you win or not, just have fun," said Kason Olson.

"A lot of people go boating, camping whatever. We just do that and it's our recreation and our fun and it's been something that we've been doing for so long."

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