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Great Falls Central Hosts Moms' Football Camp

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The Great Falls Central Mustangs moms have turned into football players. They're learning what it takes to actually play on the gridiron.  It all starts with a few key positions.

"Quarterbacks, they were learning, throwing motion, said Greg Horton. Wide receiver, I taught them stance and how to catch a football properly. Running and catching .Offensive line. Different blocking schemes and how to get handoffs, and our zone read," said Horton.

Jennifer McDaniel came into this camp with zero experience, and she quickly learned fundamentals are essential

"I never have really caught a football, and I learned that and throwing the football and the meaning of the plays. I didn't understand that so that was pretty good information," said Jennifer McDaniel.

"I learned a little bit about our wide receivers. I didn't understand how they ran and how our team works in the inside. A little bit but not the X's and O's. said athletic director Jamie Stevens.

And what's football without a little smack talk. Junior quarterback Noah Ambuehl's mom Ann is participating in this camp.

"Well, at first when I signed up he said that's so embarrassing, it's going to be fun, it's no big deal. Then today, I said, you're right, I'm going to embarrass you because I'm going to beat you. He didn't think that was very fun but I'm sure I couldn't but I can talk a little bit of smack," said Ann Ambuehl.

"There's not a chance that's going to happen, we've had this discussion, I told her it's not going to happen, but we'll see," said Noah Ambuehl.

But, Noah admitted his mom's quarterback skills,

"Looked good. Pretty quick and explosive," said Noah Ambuehl.

And after two hours of training, Jamie and Jennifer made a decision about their future.

"I don't think I'll be getting any calls from the NFL. Not being a receiver," said Stevens.

"I think I'm better off as a football mom and I think I'm better off cheering on my son, but it was fun," said McDaniel.

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