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Comito's Commute: Voyagers Pitcher Takes Unique Form of Transportation to Stadium

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From a physical standpoint Voyagers ace Chris Comito is as intimidating as they come.

But before the 6'6", 240 pound giant takes the hill at Centene Stadium he has to first get to the ballpark, and the method in which he does that is, just like Chris, one of a kind.

"It's hysterical," said Chris's teammate Anthony Villa. "He's a big clown and when we saw him roll up to the ballpark with it we were cracking up."

For the past two seasons Chris has commuted to the ballpark as often as possible on this green motorized scooter. 

"The host family only had one vehicle. So they were taking me to the field back and forth every day," he said. "They had a motorcycle and a mo-ped and one day I was like "Hey, when do I have the chance to ride the mo-ped?"

Chris's host family gave him the keys, and he never looked back.

"I'd say this fits my personality," he said. "I'm a happy, go-lucky guy, laid back at times, I enjoy riding this around."

But what do Chris's teammates think about him and the scooter?

"He looks like a total dork but it's great," Villa said.

"(My teammates will) make fun of me but they want to ride it. Everybody wants to ride the mo-ped," Comito added.

The mo-ped also serves as a reminder to Chris and his teammates to have fun once in a while.

"We're a bunch of light-hearted guys who try to stay loose and not take this game too seriously so that's just another thing that helps," Villa said.

As long as Chris is playing for the Voyagers, he and the mo-ped are something the team can always rally around.

"Baseball can be a negative sport at times and having something to mess around with can brighten your day," Comito said. "It gives you a sense of relaxation and you know you can get away from the ballfield and out of that mindset and just have fun."

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