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Great Falls High Starts Fall Practice

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"Down, set, hut, drive, drive, drive,

Three commands to start football practice at Great Falls high school.

"I'm excited. It should be a good year. We all came out here with the right mentality, and I'm excited for the year to begin," Travis Tomei.

"It feels really good, we had a really good summer been too some camps. Kids are enthusiastic about it and really looking forward to this year, and hopefully good things will happen," said Mark Samson.

However, last year, Great Falls high only won two games out of ten. Head coach Mark Samson says the Bison were competitive but they... 

"Came up short a lot and we didn't do a good job of finishing. Our kids have to learn we play to win but in order to win you have to be able to play four quarters," said Samson.

This season, the team's personnel has become a challenge.

"Offensively we lost some seniors, but had a lot kids that played it. Defense is just a lot of new kids. Ten of our 11 starters on defense were seniors last year. We're really doing our entire defense," said Samson.

But, on offense, Kevin Boes will be the starting quarterback again.

"I just got to stay focused and stay calm, you know there's going to be a lot of pressure and I have to be able to handle that and it's good to have that negative season to know what to do when it comes down to it," said Kevin Boes.

Coach Samson is planning to have his offense,

"Run up tempo, We're going to slow it down, run a lot of formations," said Samson.

And on defense,

"What I'm hoping they are going to see defensively and see a bunch of kids that will run to the ball. They can tackle and get turnovers. Get turnovers get turnovers if we can do that we can be okay," said Samson.

And the Bison hope to get more wins by playing in all four quarters this season.

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