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Simms Tigers Look to Rebuild

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Something the Simms Tigers strive to become as they begin to rebuild their program with the more than half of the team consisting of underclassmen.

"It's gonna be pretty rough these first few weeks, but hopefully we get into it and figure out our technique and get everything settled down before our first game against Great Falls Central," said senior offensive/defensive lineman Jamison McLain.

Only returning 5 seniors doesn't worry the Tigers - in fact, they're using that leadership position to get everyone on the same page before the first snap of the season.

"We got a lot of young kids sitting out here," said senior quarterback Korbin Sheldon. "It's pretty good cause they have a lot of raw talent, they have a lot of talent with them so it makes life easier on us."

"The kids just gotta realize that you actually have to commit to be good," McLain added. "You can't just show up."

"[We have to] make sure that they know what they're doing and where they should be going," explained senior running back/wide receiver Matt Lewis. "Just push each other."

And once Simms can get their team together as one, they're confident in their ability to go far.

"If they continue to work hard and if they continue to believe and trust us coaches, I think everything's gonna be just fine," said head coach Eric Durk.

To help the bonding process - the coaching staff ends long, grueling two-a-day practices with light-hearted competitions like sprinting with pads after spinning in circles all while trying not to crush a banana. Not something you would typically see in practice - but for Simms, they're willing to look a little silly to become a Tiger family.

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