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University of Providence Men's Soccer Tests Out New Tracking Sensors

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The University of Providence men's soccer team is sporting a cropped vest with a small device inside called the Titan GPS Sensor. The device uses 18-30 satellites to track athletes' movements during practices and games.

"It tracks our output of our body percentages so it can see what sprints we've made, how much ground we've covered, so for us guys it's really cool," said sophomore midfielder Alex Williams.

Metrics gathered from drills help head coach Joseph Yeisley to improve each player's performance.

"It allows us to measure a bunch of different physical outputs for them such as total distance covered in a game, sprints covered, distances covered of those sprints as well as how fast they're accelerating in meters per second," said Coach Yeisley.

After every practice - Coach Yeisley takes the device, imports it in the computer, and checks out the results.

"That's really the whole idea behind it is to give them what they need physically so that they can perform on match day to the best of their ability," Coach Yeisley explained.

"It will let me know where I am. If I'm out of shape or I'm in shape, it'll tell me how hard I'm working and how much harder I need to work," said sophomore forward Cole Myers.

"It gives a different side to the game so we can see what we need to improve on and how to improve it as well," added Williams.

The soccer team values the opportunity to be the first team at UP to test the program out.

"We're very privileged and proud to wear it in a way. It's taken our game up to that next level," said Williams.

After losing in the Cascade Conference championship three times in a row, the Argos hope their new training program will make the difference when it comes to the post-season.

"We want to be winning it and we want to be moving onto bigger and better things," Coach Yeisley said. "We felt like this is a step we could take that would push us in the right direction."

With the team's first scrimmage being held on Thursday, August 17th - UP will be able to see the direct impact the GPS tracking technology has made on their program.

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