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Bison Volleyball's G.R.I.T. Mantra to Carry them this Season

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Four simple letters can be the difference between the Great Falls High Bison volleyball team having a successful season, or one of disappointment.

Head Coach Katherine Sunwall said the acronym stands for Grateful, React, Inches, and Trust.

She specified players need to be grateful for one another, react to adversity, make improvements every day (inches), and finally trust each other.

Great Falls High held a scrimmage Saturday morning and that gave Sunwall the chance to plug different girls in at different positions to fill holes left by injuries to her middle blockers.

Senior setter Dani Devlin said the team used the scrimmage to focus on getting better.

"We've been addressing communication, hustle, and just the mentality of going after every ball and being scrappy," she said. "We need to focus on playing hard and not giving up on anything."

Sunwall added "One thing that we're focusing on this year is defense. Since we're losing some people we're just trying to find ways to best the other team," she said. "We're hitting the floor hard, we're communicating, and going all out on defense. That's going to win a lot of games for us."

The Bison start their season next Saturday with exhibition games against Glacier and Flathead.

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