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Power-Dutton/Brady Adjusts to 6-Man Game; Conrad With High Expectations

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There have been a lot of reclassifications in Montana football in 2017 and one of the teams affected is Power-Dutton/Brady.

The Titans move from 8-man football down to 6-man football.

The team said the transition isn't as hard as they expected.

"I think, surprisingly, our team's transitioned pretty well. It's going a lot faster than I thought it would and we're picking up on it pretty well," said senior quarterback Dominik Dunk "I think it honestly suits us better than 8-man just with the types of athletes we have."

After 13 years in the Northern Class C 8-Man Division, Power-Dutton/Brady is using their sharp, swift athletes to adapt to a 6-man mindset. After learning the new rulebook and preparing for a lot more running during gametime, head coach Tom Tranmer says he thinks the team is ready to take the field against Big Sandy on September 8th.

"Skillwise, I think a lot of our players are pretty well suited to running the ball, throwing the ball, catching the ball," explained Coach Tranmer. "We're going to have to work a lot on blocking and work on open field tackling {because} in 6-man, it's really important."

Up the highway at Conrad High School, the Cowboys are looking to improve on their 4-4 record from last season.

"It all starts on a night like this. Practice. Working hard every night. Getting better. Day by day," said senior tight end/defensive lineman Ryan Murack. I think we can accomplish some goals. We've just gotta come together as a unit, seniors gotta lead."

That leadership is critical after the Cowboys lost eleven seniors last year, and return with a squad of just more than twenty players. While the thought of rebuilding might scare most teams, Conrad isn't most teams. The Cowboys have high goals of going to the playoffs after being absent the past two seasons.

"We're kind of young this year, there's only five seniors," said senior linebacker Kale Larson. "Everyone's gotta work hard. I'm confident. I think we have a chance of doing something."

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