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Senior Standout: Great Falls High's Kevin Boes

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"Ever since the beginning of flag football, came out just loved it and played quarterback," said senior quarterback Kevin Boes.

This is Kevin Boes as a little guy throwing passes, and he's still throwing from the pocket, as a two-time starting quarterback for the Great Falls High football team.

Kevin focuses on X's and O's when playing football, but he really focuses on learning his educational playbook too. He says his grade point average going into this school year is a,
"4.0 cumulative, so," said Boes. "I consider myself a mathlete in the classroom, I'm really big into math and I think I've taken like two math classes each year and I'm really big into that and academics are really huge to me just as much as football. That's one thing that people don't know about me and the hard work I put in the classroom too," said Boes.

Kevin also says he also uses math to figure out how to make plays.

"Oh yea definitely, I think in that kind of mindset, 30 yards how far do I have to throw it. The trigonometry involved," said Boes.

"He's one of the hardest working kids in the program if not the hardest working kid and number two he's very intelligent and very smart." Kevin Boes is a very tough individual as an athlete in all of the sports he does and you know he's mentally and physically tough," said head coach Mark Samson.

"He's the hardest worker in the weight room, he puts up a lot of weight when he lifts. He's a leader out on the football field and that's why he's team captain. He's an outstanding citizen," said Thelen.

But, Kevin is also,

"Pretty shy," said Boes.

"He's really quiet. Lord is he quiet. He doesn't say much. We always kind of joke with him if Kevin laughs it must be really fun. I'd imagine that maybe when he's with his friends he could be a totally different person," said Samson.
Teammate Blake Thelen says he is.

"He's a really funny kid. Sometimes he makes videos, we do these water bottle flip videos and he edits them and we have fun with them," said Thelen.

"We have this thing once a week we have wing night at Pizza Hut or at Holiday Inn grab some wings with the boys and just talk whatever we want or whatever is going on, but most of all, I like to hang out with my buddies and have a great time," said Boes.

But Kevin says he wants recognition, 

"As a student athlete and not just like an athlete. I think that I'm almost better in the classroom that I'm out on the field. I think that's what I want people to remember me by as a hard working person," said Boes.

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