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You can do your part to keep children safe as they head back to school

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With schools around the state of Montana starting we wanted to check in with parents and see if they had any reservations sending their children into this new school year.

We spoke with Kalispell mom Melonie Pitzer who has two daughters age five and seven.  Pitzer and her daughters live close to the school they will be attending so she’s not too concerned about them starting a new school year.  However, Pitzer recounts a few years ago when her first daughter started kindergarten and how hard that was on both of them.

Pitzer tells us, “It was a little traumatizing for me and for her, but she does really well with it.”

Pitzer’s second daughter, however, is not worried about leaving mom. 

Pitzer says, “She's so excited, we went and met her teacher the other day and she wanted to stay with her teacher instead of coming home.”

We also spoke with Pitzer’s friend Niki Hughes who is confident in her three young children heading into the school year.  Hughes previously had her children at the Early Childhood Center at Flathead Valley Community College.

Hughes tells us, “They attended the early childhood center at FVCC, so they're very used to school.”

With school starting more school buses will be on the road.  Drivers should look out for moms like Melonie and Niki and their children.

We spoke with Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Andrew Horton who tells us despite the fact they have laws in place to protect children against reckless drivers, they are still a problem every year. 

Trooper Horton says, “We do receive throughout, probably most of the week's complaints from parents that are picking up or dropping off their children along the highways of noted and reported of bus violations.”

Trooper Horton tells us that if you're unsure of what to do if you come across a bus on the road, it's better to be safe than sorry.  Don't pull around the bus, simply wait until all the children are safe and all on board.

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