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A local business has raised over $10k for firefighting efforts

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As Montana continues to suffer from wildfires around the state one local business has raised over $10,000 to go directly to help firefighting efforts.

Originally from Montana, owner, and operator of The Montana Scene, Sean Bonnet tells us his heart broke when he saw the number of fires around the state and he knew he had to do something, and fast.

Bonnet says, “It really went from like a summer of fun to like fires and smoke so it hit us and we definitely have been searching for how to help and how to make the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time.”

The Montana Scene has four locations in Missoula, Bozeman, Bigfork, and Whitefish.  The Montana Scene is selling t-shirts, keychains and stickers with “Montana Strong” across the front.   The items have been so popular the keychains have already sold out.  And within the first two weeks of sales, the company raised over $2,000.  Laura Ponder, an employee at the Montana Scene tells us people come into the store specifically looking for Montana Strong merchandise. 

Ponder explains, “It’s been really neat to see people’s reactions.  They come in looking for it and if we’ve sold out, we’ve unfortunately sold out of a lot of stuff in our stores the first couple of weeks.

Ponder goes onto say it’s been a mix of locals and tourists who have been purchasing Montana Strong apparel. 

Bonnet breaks down the numbers for us, telling us he and his wife Melissa want to make sure money is being sent around the state.  Not just to one fire.  In fact, the first round of checks will be sent to United Way Missoula, Glacier Park Conservancy, and Garfield County Fire Foundation.

Bonnet tells us, “60 percent of each retail sale price is going directly to the cause and we’re looking for partnerships to help match the revenue and cover our product and employee cost so we can try and get more money to the front lines and to the people that need it.”

Bonnet says the company’s goal is to continue to support and give back as much money as they can for relief efforts around the state.

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