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Senior Standout: Shelby's Aaron White

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"He's always been in the fire and he's always handled it very well," explained Coach Mike White.

Nothing quite describes the quarterback of Shelby High quite like that. If you head to a Coyote game, you're more than likely to hear Aaron White's name over the intercom.

"I've been starting for four years now and it's a blessed feeling to be on the field for four years with all these guys," Aaron said.

Aaron's contribution to the Coyotes goes far beyond his jam-packed stat sheet. In fact, when you talk to his team, they rave about his character far more than his arm.

"He's great with not only himself but he's a really great teammate too," said senior wide receiver Jarod Anderson. "He helps everyone, he's taken great responsibility of our team, been a great leader."

"I think Aaron's pretty dependable. He's not a real rah-rah guy, he's not gonna be hootin' and hollerin', things like that, but you can count on him," added Coach White. "He's going to be there for you, he's going to get things done, and he's going to take the lead by example often."

After leading Shelby to their first playoff appearance in ten years last season, Aaron was ready to make it even further this year. However, in the season opener, he went down.

"It's definitely a moment when we were all like, 'Whoa. We're not really ready for this. He's been there with us all with our life," explained Anderson.

"Somebody better step up and make some big plays or things aren't going to turn out very good," added senior center Kade Leck.

After missing a game due to knee injury, he fought back to return in week three - proving his dedication to the game.

"I just wanted to get back out as soon as I could," Aaron said. "I love football and it was devastating when I went down."

Luckily, Aaron now gets a chance to finish out his senior year the same way he started out as a freshman: competing at the head of the Coyotes every time the Friday Night Lights turn on.

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