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Spare Time: Little's Lanes Senior Bowling League

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At one o'clock, every Monday for eight straight months, Little's Lanes in Great Falls stays loud and packed inside the bowling alley.

Over 60 men and women apart of sixteen teams are dropping bowling balls and knocking down pins on all of the lanes.  

"I have been bowling about 63 years and I just love it," said Della Johnson.

Della Johnson competes in the Little Lane's senior bowling league.

"Ten yeah, woo hoo," said Johnson.

Bowlers in this league are in their early 50's and higher.

Della is, "83 years old," said Johnson.

"I throw a really straight ball. First of all you hold the ball, get your step and I take four steps and I throw the ball and I try to hit my mark," said Johnson.

It works for her too, as she knocks all ten pins down for a strike.

There are more seniors using their "spare time" to bowl.

"I started when I was eight years old and I'll be 88 in two weeks, 89," said Mearl Christianson.

"I'm 83," said Shirley Christianson.

Shirley and Mearl bowl on the same team.

"I always tell everybody that it's his fault that I started to bowl, never been in a bowling alley before I met him, we've been married 66 years. He was bowling all the time, and if I wanted to see him I had to bowl," said Shirley Christianson.

They're competitive too.

"She beat me lately, aw poor baby, but not by much but a little bit each is a factor. He's older than I am, you understand that," said the Christiansons. 

And this is Elmer Richards.

"In November 20, I'll 93, I'm 92 now," said Elmer Richards.

He's the oldest bowler in the Little Lane's senior league.

"I don't think my age is a handicap to me. I'm on the back side of 100, and I plan on bowling as long as I can," said Richards.

"It's just fun. It's something to do. Get us out of the house instead of staying in the house," said Shirley Christianson.

"That's what's kept me active because I keep bowling. Sometimes I say I can't walk but I can bowl," said Mearl Christianson.

And these seniors age is just that,  a number.

"We are full proof that it doesn't make a difference how old you are. If you have the urge and the ability to still motivate, then let's go bowl." (Shirley)

"I love it, I'll never quit until I can't make it here," said Johnson.

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