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Senior Standout: GFCC's Bryn Anderson

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When a video camera is rolling on the sidelines at a Great Falls Central Catholic high school game, a majority of the time the lens is going to capture Mustangs senior Bryn Anderson making plays on both the basketball and volleyball teams.

"I give all glory for my talents to God and so that's like my main thing. I just like to have fun," said senior captain Bryn Anderson.

There are often times the camera catches Bryn with a big smile on her face after she does something good too.

"I don't know, I guess I'm just a smiley person. I really have no idea," said Anderson.

Even her smile serves as a signal for her teammates.

"I think as a senior and like trying to be the best leader that I can possible can be. I think it's just that they know when I'm happy and just that smile is like that okay Bryn's good and let's just roll with it. I don't know," said Anderson.

"It's good because she can have those kills and play awesome and even if she is having an off game she still has the same bubbly smile and personality. Really it's good, she's go no attitude and she's very coach-able," said head volleyball coach Danielle Baeth.

Bryn's teammates see her humbleness too.

"She just super fun to be around. Just kind of bring up everyone else spirits. She doesn't focus on herself she focuses on everyone else and even if she does something good she's humble about it," said senior captain Breanna Cook. "She's also an amazing friend. You can go to her with anything related to sports or related to school or just life in general," said Cook.

Bryn is also honored to be a GFCC Mustang.
"It's definitely been privilege for me to play here. Great coaches and a great program to be a part of. Very blessed," said Bryn Anderson.

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