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Senior Standout: Choteau's Jonathan Moore

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"Winning is alright, but losing is the worst feeling in the world to me," Choteau football player Jonathan Moore said.

If you're ever wondering why Jonathan Moore plays the way he does, it's because of that mindset.

"I got a big heart. I love sports. I hate sitting on the sidelines," he added.

On the football field Jonathan plays quarterback. But in Choteau's run-happy offensive scheme, he plays more like a running back: doing whatever he can to steamroll anyone who gets in his way to the end zone.

"He's gritty all the time," said Choteau football coach Lucas Gunderson. "Every time I see him in the hallway or uptown he's always ready to go."

Jonathan's playing style of welcoming contact might seem unconventional, but for him, he's used to getting hit.

"We get hit around when we're little and then you're like 'ah we're tough, that didn't hurt so bad.' Just get back up and go do it again," he said.

But there was a period of time when Jonathan couldn't step onto the field to help his team. He missed part of last season after fracturing his fibula.

"When he broke his leg last year it was a heartbreaker for us but for him to respond the way he has has been phenomenal," Gunderson said. "When kids blow out a knee or whatever they're tentative, but Jon isn't that way."

A couple months after the injury Jonathan was out on the court to lead the basketball team: a group he helped win two Class B State Championships his freshman and sophomore years. His limp was noticeable, but he still competed.

"I think it's in your head," he said. "If you think it's hurting then it's going to hurt. But if you think about what you have to do for your teammates better the leg pain goes away."

Jonathan recovered from the injury last year, but instead of taking things easy, he decided to take the intensity up a notch and ride bulls.

"Growing up on a ranch a little bit it was something I just wanted to try and I got hooked," he said.

Moving forward there will be buckets to get and bulls to ride, but for now, he's dead-set on bringing a Class C '8-Man' football title to Choteau.

"Last year didn't go so well for me so I wanted to show people what I'm capable of," he said.

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