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Senator Steve Daines will host Montana High Tech Job Summit

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Monday is the big day, Senator Steve Daines will host the Montana High Tech Job Summit at the University of Montana.

Sunday, ABC FOX Montana got a look at what we can expect for Monday.

Senator Steve Daines said a record of more than 700 people will be attending this event.

Daines said this event will focus on tech jobs and how to grow more of those jobs in Montana.

He added technology jobs are growing seven times faster than other jobs in Montana.

Also, these jobs pay twice the state average in wages, according to Daines.

"We not only need more jobs in Montana. We need more high paying jobs. This is a way to allow our kids and our grandkids to stay in Montana and prepare for a workforce for the 20th century,” said Daines.

He even adds as a state that's hurting in low wages, Montana needs to increase pay for employees and these jobs are a way to do that.

Congressman Greg Gianforte also showed his support at the preview event.

Gianforte said this is an opportunity to really show how great tech jobs are for Montana.

"By bringing companies together and bringing experts in. We can shine a bright light on this growing sector that's now over a billion dollars a year in revenue, right here in Montana,” said Gianforte.

Otherwise, tomorrow's event will have numerous guest speakers, career fairs, and networking opportunities.

However, for the most part, it's about preparing young minds for the future.

The event will start Monday at 7 A.M and will be at the University Center. 

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