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Senior Standout: Power/Dutton-Brady's Dominik Dunk, Javy Somerfeld, and Sam Leigland

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The co-op of Power/Dutton-Brady doesn't just have one standout athlete - they have three.

"They're not just captains because they're seniors - they're captains because they're leaders," said Coach Arthur Lee Taylor.

At first look, it may seem like the trio of seniors in Dominik Dunk, Javy Somerfeld, and Sam Leigland don't have much in common.

Dominik - the quiet one.

"Dominik came - and he was shy. And then, as time went on, he was still shy," Leigland laughed.

"Dominik is so understanding and just such a neat individual, young man," added Coach Tom Tranmer. "He's real quiet but he gives you his best all the time."

Javy - the gentle giant.

"Javy...where do we even begin?" Leigland thought.

"He really loves the game of football and it shows out there," Coach Tranmer said.

"He's a natural all the time. He picks things up very quick," Coach Taylor added.

And Sam - full of spunk and often the life of practice.

"Sam's a goofball all the time. But he does take the game very serious," Coach Taylor explained.

"He gets the players fired up, he's more vocal," added Coach Tranmer.

When you put these three together - you get a dominant force that isn't easy to stop in the Northern Class C "6-Man" division.

"It's really nice to have people out there who catch passes and run - it makes my life a lot easier," Dunk explained.

"They're not working on individual stats, they're working on team stats," Coach Taylor said.

That camaraderie extends off the field as well.

"We're really good friends," Somerfeld said. "After high school, I think we're still going to keep in touch with each other."

"It's going to be something that I look back on for a long time," Dunk added.

Even though Dominik, Javy, and Sam are closing out their last season on the gridiron, the tradition of leadership and hard work they've brought to the Titan program is one that's bound to stick.

"I'm hoping the next class - if we're even half as good, we're in the captains seat," Coach Taylor said.

"Really proud to coach those three boys," Coach Tranmer added.

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