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Big Sky Comedy Festival grows to one of the biggest in the Comedy industry

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It's grown to one of the top comedy festivals in the world and it started right here in the Magic City six years ago.

It's the sixth annual Big Sky Comedy Festival. 

More than 1,200 comedians sent in entrees for this year's competition, but just 28 of North America's top comedians made the cut.

Festival Creator, Lukas Seely tells us Big Sky Comedy Festival started with just three days and five shows to five days and eleven shows in those short six years. 

Seely says performing in Billings is different from bigger cities because people truly appreciate the comedians and their shows and he is very thankful for the support of his hometown crowd. 

"Laughing is fun, it's good for you. It's healthy for you. Doctors recommend it all the time. They say you know what, you want some good medicine laughter is what you need," Seely said, "And there's nothing like live comedy being right there feeling it. Hearing the stories from the comedians. And each comedian in this festival has a different point of view. No matter what your level of humor, what kind of comic you like, you will find that comedian in this festival."

Auggie Smith with Big Sky Comedy Festival says the amount of entrees this year speaks volumes about how big this event has grown since they started six years ago. 

One of last year's finalists, Preacher Lawson moved onto this year's final round of America's Got Talent. 

Smith also says this is the perfect couple's date night. 

"You can't just keep going to the movies every night and you can't keep going to dinner because you're running out of things to talk about. I understand that," Smith said, "Come and sit in a dark room and let someone else talk at you and then later you guys can talk about that. The stuff you saw, the stuff that you enjoyed, you'll probably fall in love all over again."

For full details on ticket prices and showtimes, you can go to the Big Sky Comedy Festival website

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