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Items you need to take with you if exploring in the back country this winter

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Every year we discuss it, but this year seems to be earlier than normal after the shocking death of a renowned climber this weekend that came due to an avalanche. A beacon, shovel and probe are the three things you always hear about, but what about something called an airbag backpack?

It's called an avalanche airbag pack. As an avalanche is happening, you can activate the airbag just with the press of a button. It inflates on your back and increases your surface area so you won't be buried as deep in snow.

But Eric Knoff, Avalanche Specialist, stresses that this pack should not replace the three essential items that you need.

Knoff said, "They are proven to save lives, they just increase your safety measure by quite a bit. But they are not a guarantee, airbag packs are not designed to replace your shovel beacon and probe, you still need those three items and airbag pack is just another measure to increase your safety."

Another important thing to remember, you need to test your equipment and make sure it works before you step foot in the back country. 

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