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Anne Jo Reed Cheers Through Adversity

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At any sporting event, you're going to get a lot more than just a game: there's the band, the concessions, and of course, the cheerleaders.

At Chinook High School, one member of the cheer team makes sure everyone in the crowd is feeling the Sugarbeeter spirit.

Anne Jo Reed was born with down syndrome, but that doesn't stop her from getting in front of the entire school to support her fellow classmates.

"She has caught on so fast," said Jerilyn Wood, Chinook cheer coach. "She amazes me every day."

Anne walked into her freshman year knowing she wanted to wear her school's name across her chest while shaking pom poms, which at first made others think:

"Are we gonna have to make special accommodations for Anne? Is she going to take more time?" Coach Wood remembered.

Coach Wood and the cheer team quickly learned that wasn't the case.

"She's a spitfire, so everybody has to keep up with Anne," Coach Wood said.

Not just keep up - but take after her lead. From the highest kicks to the sharpest hits, Anne owns it.

"She is really determined," Coach Wood said. "She sometimes says she can't do something and then she'll try it again and give it her all."

To Anne, cheerleading is more than stomping her feet or clapping her hands. It's her way to represent her school and community.

"Watching football is fun and this team is one in football and, I love it," she said.

Anne's favorite part of being a cheerleader?

"I like the school song," she explained.

Which she gets to perform before every game - all while beaming with school spirit.

Anne's path hasn't been the easiest, but that hasn't stopped her from proving what she's capable of.

"She's had to overcome a lot of things in her life," sophomore teammate Raynee Hasner said. "It's something she can look forward to and know 'hey I love doing this and I'm good at it' and it's just fun with her and she just tries her very best."

"Any obstacle you throw in her way she's just overcome it because she's just that strong and that confident," added sophomore teammate Jasmine Klingaman.

Anne knows every time she puts on the black and orange to cheer for the Beeters, they're cheering right alongside her.

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