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Senior Standout: CMR's Braden Stremcha

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"He can toe poke a ball from inside the 6 yards," said C.M. Russell Boy's Soccer Coach Kumal LaCasse. "Or he can bang one 25 yards out."

Opposing goal keepers have to always be on their toes when playing the CMR boys soccer team for one major reason: Braden Stremcha.

"(Knowing when to shoot) is kind of an instinct thing," Braden said. "You feel it and you think 'this is the time to take the shot' and it usually pays off."

The ability to score at will on the pitch has been a work in progress for the senior midfielder.

"A few years ago there was no way I could (score from far away) so it's something I built up and finally figured out and it's helped me," Braden said.

"He can shoot from just about anywhere on the pitch when he's in the attacking third and he's pretty accurate," added LaCasse.

Braden said one reason for his ability to put such power on his shots comes from getting his legs in better shape. In order to do that, he turns to another sport for conditioning.

"I run longer distance for track so being able to have the endurance helps me a lot in soccer and with the speed and agility in soccer that helps me in track," he said.

Braden's ability to implement skills he's learned in two sports has helped his development. It's his knowledge on the field that not only helps his teammates, but the coaching staff as well.

"It's like having a coach on the field," said LaCasse. "There's things he does that I'm thinking and things I would say to him and he gives a thumbs up and says 'I got it.' He gives 100% effort all the time from the first kickoff to the last whistle. You never see that guy slow down."

Braden said he isn't sure at this moment if he'll be playing soccer in college, but it is something he has considered.

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