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Sigda Sisters Defy Social Norms

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Standing out in the crowd isn't anything new to the Kassidy and Alexis Sigda. 

"Everyone would be like oh my god she wrestles don't mess with her she wrestles with the boys," Kassidy said.

Kassidy was young when her sister Alexis started looking into wrestling, which at first shocked their mom.

"She was like, 'girls don't wrestle' to my sister, like 'you can't wrestle. Girl's don't wrestle.' cause that's what she grew up with cause it's not really like a norm," Kassidy remembered.

"She wasn't going to sign the paper because she was worried about injuries and just women, that's not a girl thing," Alexis added.

Eventually, their mom encouraged both daughters to give wrestling a shot. Kassidy would go on to compete in high school wrestling and high school football. However, it wasn't easy for her to play on male dominated teams.

"The guys on the team would be like oh girls on our team, people are gonna think that we don't take it seriously cause we let a girl join," she remembered.

Kassidy was quick to convince her male teammates otherwise.

"I would take some of these guys down and I was like why not? A lot of people oversee women in sports," Kassidy said. "You think I'm not good, let me prove myself."

She did eventually prove herself - both her and her sister Alexis signed to the University of Providence's first women's wrestling team.

"I was happy that I could go past that and show people hey you wanna do something, do it, even if people are doubting you. Male, female, it doesn't matter, if you have an aspiration, you might as well go conquer it," Kassidy said.

Kassidy and Alexis encourage all female athletes to break social norms.
"I would say give it your best shot. If it's something you want to do, it's something you want to do. Don't be scared. Do you, it's good," Alexis said.

"Every practice is gonna be challenging, especially on a guys sports team, I know," Kassidy explained. "Guys are gonna want to say hey, you're a girl, you're weak. I'm gonna beat up you. Say no, I'm gonna beat you up."

And with 37 teams in the Women's Collegiate Wrestling Association, the future is only getting brighter for athletes like Kassidy and Alexis who are willing to be a little different.

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