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Mattress Firm Student Athlete of the Week: CMR's Jake Wilkins

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"I think as a person, you have more satisfaction from giving back to someone else than you do from doing things for yourself," senior guard Jake Wilkins said.

Jake Wilkins finds that satisfaction in many ways. He jumps at any opportunity he has to volunteer alongside his teammates, but he says the biggest way he gives back is by assisting 3rd and 4th graders as a religious education instructor at his church.  

"It really brings great joy," he explained. "Honestly, I probably learn more from them than they do from me. To see the joy it brings them."

Jake's involvement in the community has shaped him in more ways than one.

"When you give to others, there's a certain joy that comes with that that helps you first of all, as a athlete in your community, and then also as a person in your daily life," he said. "It's been a blessing and a gift to give back and I look forward to doing it in the future for sure."

His experiences volunteering has also rubbed off on those around him.

"I think when you have good people, people start to emulate that. Even if kids are struggling in the classroom, in life, whatever it is, when you see a kid doing the right thing, it transitions to other kids who want to do the same thing and see how good this kid is and how people appreciate him," said head coach John Cislo.

Jake added he plans to continue his service after graduation teaching Catholic seminary - something he says gives meaning to his life.

"I think giving back is a beautiful way to make you a better person, a better athlete, and give purpose to what you're doing," he concluded.

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