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Senior Standout: Cascade's Josh Pepos

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Before last season, it had been about 20 years before Cascade saw themselves in the playoff run. The Badgers broke that streak with a 9-2 run last year - all while Josh Pepos lead the way.

"he's always trying to push people, always," said Badgers junior wrestler Kyle Evans.

Josh's success didn't stop on the gridiron - he wrestled his way to Billings for the state tournament - where he placed second in his weight class. Josh was looking to do even better this season. He was on the right track - until...

"I just took off on a run, probably should've thrown it to my teammate, but got tackled," Pepos said. "(I) Partially tore my ACL, at least partially tore my MCL and bruised a bunch of other stuff."

While most kids might have opted out of the wrestling season due to the injury, Josh did the opposite. He fought to rehab his way back to full health, and started out his season getting two pins in his first meet.

"Sure it hurts, but I want to be able to say 'hey I beat that kid even though I'm hurt,'" he said.

Badgers wrestling coach Jason Lorang added "that's just the type of kid he is, he doesn't miss practice, he shows up. Most kids with a torn ACL and MCL wouldn't even be here, and he hasn't missed a single day of practice this year. That's just the type of kid he is. Most kids throw in the towel, he didn't."

Josh has only missed one practice in his four years on the wrestling team, proving his dedication. 

"He's just about every coach's wish that they could have in a kid," Lorang said.

"He makes a great leader. He's just always there, (he) knows what he's talking about when it comes to wrestling, football," Evans added.

Now, Josh wants to leave the Badgers behind with a winning mentality.

"That's been the problem the past 10 years in Cascade, nobody's wanted to win as a team or as an individual. I just want them to look at me and be like 'hey he did it with a blown ACL, why can't I?'" Pepos concluded.

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