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See Something, Say Something slogan no cause for alarm?

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HELENA, Mont.- "See something, say something" is a phrase with which Americans have become all too familiar. In the wake of an increase in terror attacks, many feel the need to be alert.  Now these signs to report suspicious activity are posted all over our capitol.

In this case the message behind the signs isn't one most of us associate with the "see something, say something slogan". Legislative services says they use the message more for the safety aspect rather than the security one.

Executive director for the department, Susan fox, says they put out the message for people mainly to be on the lookout for small things like puddles and icy spots. However, they also have a longstanding initiative for employees to be on the lookout for suspicious bags left behind and people. 

"Of course we want everyone to be safe. Its sad, but its just a reality of our world today, that we do want people to be aware and just keep each other safe," said Fox.

In recent history, Montana has not experienced any terrorists threats. Legislative services wants to stress the signs were not prompted by any incident involving terrorists.

However, as we told you last week, there were reports of a drunk man wondering around the capitol halls passed business hours. So, its safe to be on the lookout.

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