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1/8: Senior Standout: CMR's Addison Gardner

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Addison Gardner set a high bar for her senior season when she took home All-State honors her junior year.  

"I was super excited, my family was excited, it was awesome," said Gardner. 

However, individual accolades are not a concern for the Rustlers' star guard, who is more focused on team performance.

"I want us to be successful and I think we have a long road ahead of us and I wanna do good individually too but I think the team is more important," said Gardner. 

Although Gardner may not be the most vocal player, she still sets the tone. 

"Her leadership style is she leads by example. She works hard, she never complains, she's just kinda got a toughness about her that's really kinda cool," said Coach Crosby.  

The Rustlers' fearless identity starts with the fearless style of their star player.

"Even from like when we were younger, she was always aggressive though, she was always a scorer," said Edwards. 

"Someone who can shoot from like 5 feet behind the 3-point line and drill it, I mean like, I think its funny but its pretty amazing," said Edwards. 

But, Gardner's range is not her only gift.

"She can find different ways to score, that's unique these days, I mean she can go to the rim, she can hit 3's and she's a great defender," Coach Crosby added. "When we need to get someone shutdown she'll guard her and to have kind-of a triple threat like that is pretty cool." 

With two months left in her senior season, Gardner's best basketball is likely still to come.

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