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Democratic caucus boasts diversity

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HELENA, Mont.- Democrats promised to tackle issues like sexual harressment and increasing minimum wage.
Republicans vowed to cut taxes and boost the economy, but the diversity of these voices in each group was noticable.

Of the 80 democratic hopefuls across the state, half of them are women, 13 are Native American, and 14 are under the age of 35.

"Representation matters and having women up here matters. We need to make sure our legislature represents all of montana and as democrats we're committed to doing that," said House Minority Leader Jenny Eck.

Right now, more than half of the state democratic caucus is made up of women and eight legislators are Native American.

"As democrats we're committed to justice and equality for all Montanans," said Senator Jen Gross.

In contrast, less than 13 percent of the GOP's caucus are women and they have one Native American representative. But one republican says the only thing that should matter is a candidate's qualifications.

"Women might not feel that they are atuned to this or have enough knowledge, but i'm here to tell you, i was one of those women who didn't think I would be able to offer much, but I threw my hat in the ring," said Republican Representative Becky Beard.

Representative Eck says although she doesn't have the exact statistic, she believes there are a record number of women running for the Montana Legislature.

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