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Big Horn County Attorney cracking down on pregnant drug, alcohol users

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Big Horn County, Mont. -

Due to the high rates of reported drug and alcohol use by pregnant, expecting mothers in Big Horn County, the Big Horn County Attorney’s Office is announcing an immediate crackdown policy of civilly prosecuting any expecting mothers found to be using dangerous drugs or alcohol.

County Attorney Jay Harris says the policy was created because of the high rates of reported drug and alcohol abuse by pregnant women in the county.
It further implements the zero-tolerance policy adopted in Big Horn County in January 2015, to increase the investigation and prosecution of those using dangerous drugs.
Under the crackdown policy, the state will seek an order of protection restraining a pregnant female from any non-medically prescribed use of drug or alcohol.
If the violations can be proven, the expectant mother can be prosecuted on a contempt basis, and the state can seek incarceration to detain her.
Harris says "It is simply not satisfactory to our community that the protection of innocent, unborn children victimized in this manner and subject to a potential lifetime of disability and hardship relies exclusively on social workers removing the child from the custody of the mother at birth. This approach is not timely and has not proven a sufficient deterrent."
Harris further explains this new policy rests upon a legal concept known as the "natural law" which provides that all human beings are afforded inherent legal rights by virtue of their humanity.
The county attorney's office asks the public to report any known instances of pregnant females using drugs or alcohol, to the Big Horn County Sheriff's Office.
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