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Local DUI Cases and punishment

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The question about whether or not DUI laws are harsh enough to deter drunk drivers is causing controversy here in Cascade County, as the number of DUI cases increase.

The first of three offenses are considered misdemeanors, with a minimum prison sentence of up to 30 days.

If a person were to get a fourth DUI, it is  considered a felony with a minimum of 13 months in prison.

There are ways offenders can get treatment without going to jail, by utilizing a treatment program.

"The Department of Corrections is very expensive," said Cascade County Judge Gregory Pinski. "Approaching 100 dollars a day to send someone to a Department of Corrections treatment program as opposed to keep somebody in the community in a drug treatment court or veteran treatment court program."

The number of DUI related incidents are increasing and according to the MHP, alcohol was a major factor in more than 35 percent of fatalities in 2014.

In 2016 the number increased to more than 49 percent.

Officials say the only way to make a change, is by changing the law.

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