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Cyber hacking protection tips

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It can happen to you anytime....anywhere....even if you think it can't.

That's what Eric Fulton, a former professional hacker is saying about cyber attacks. 

His goal today at the Montana Cybersecurity Summit is to inform the audience of some of the unknown security issues out there and what hackers are prowling for online.

"Everyone knows a hacker across the internet broke in with a virus, but maybe they don't know you can make a phone call to install something that you didn't expect one of your employees to answer," said Fulton.

Fulton said the easiest thing you can do to protect yourself online is not use the same password for everything, keep your software up to date and have a high suspicion filter of scammers.  

"If someone is asking you to install something and you don't know why they're calling, just hang up," adds Fulton. 

Lastly, Fulton said to be vigilant of hackers overseas, as social engineering, a tactic used by hackers to manipulate people to give up confidential information is becoming widely used. 

"The idea that you can have someone overseas call one of your employees and have that call be convincing enough for the employee to install software and then that installed software can then steal from their organization," Fulton said. 

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